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over your bags. >>> and plus, toyota's troubles are far from over tonight. the carmaker is forced to pay for the accelerator problem and issuing another major recall tonight. >>> five days since a earthquake claimed thousands of lives in china. an amazing story of survival. meet the victims pulled from the rubble alive. >> keep it right here. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> two top al-qaeda leaders have been killed the iraqi prime minister announced their deaths today. they were killed in a tikrit in a joint operation between american and iraqi forces. u.s. military officials say this is significant, a significant blow to the terrorist group. >>> remembering the victims of the oklahoma city bombing 15 years after the attack. an attack that shook the nation. 168 men, women and children were killed when timothy mcveigh set off a massive truck bomb in front of the alfred p. murrah federal building. we have more on the touching memorial. >> catherine elizabeth -- >> reporter: a lone bag piper leading the procession a
. febreze. it's a breath of fresh air. h ntis >>> developing story on toyota. the federal government imposed a maximum penalty on toyota, $16 million, the fine is the biggest issued ever against the car company. the transportation department says it took toyota too long to tell the government about defective gas pedals. toyota has two weeks to appeal the fine. >>> the stock market on a five-week roll flirting with the 11000 mark. a far cry from where we were a year ago. what is driving up the dow? looks like a slight enomic rebound. melanie alnwick has more in our minute money. >> some of this was a catch-up reaction to a bit of good news on the job front we had with the labor report. several oer green shoots as they like to call them are also coming up. investors continued the rally moving closer to a psychological bench mark of 11,000. the dow hasn't closed above that mark since september 29, 2008. consumers are feeling more optimistic. home sales are on the rise according to the national association of realtors. february contracts up more
of a two- year study. >>> as toyota trys to recover from his massive car recall, the automaker extending the deadline through the month of april on the incentives. the company will offer discounts on leases on 8 models including the camry, corolla and rav 4 and toyota is offering 0 financing and maintenance program. it's helped lift sales more than 40% last month. >>> a consumer alert that will not make flyers happy. spirit airlines is going to start charging you for carry-on bags. you have to pay between 20 and $45 each way. the wall street journal reports that spirit will be the first airline in the world to charge for carry-on bags and you can take one bag that fits underneath your seat for free. it will reduce the amount of carry-on luggage, obviously, and help passengers exit the plane faster once it lands. >>> while you're at it, maybe you would like nicer luggage for your trip? aaa and goodwill are offering trade-in program. they taking donations of gently- used luggage. in exchange, you can get a couper for $5 or $20 off a piece of l
. new developments in the accelerator problem that forced toyota to recall millions of vehicles. "the associated press" learned that five days before toyota announced the massive nationwide recall, a company executive wrote an internal e- mail and that message read, quote, we need to come clean about accelerator problems that went on to say the time to hide on this one is over and we're protecting the customers by keeping this quiet. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more as we get it. >>> they all want to be stars but what really goes on when the idol hopefuls are off the stage. a day in the life of idol is coming up. >>> plus, good news for bernie madoff victims. the cash is coming. the apartment is finally off the market. wait until you hear who signed on the dotted line. >>> and tune in to fox 5 morning news tomorrow. steve cheveney sits down with the first lady michelle obama for a one-on-one introduce. her first spots in and around d.c. as she's adjusting to life in the nation's capitol. it's all coming your way here. ith
to the accessories we have your shopping secrets all ahead. t >>> breaking news, more trouble for toyota. the carmaker is recalling 600,000 minivans. core rugs is in a spare -- chorus shown in a spare tire carrier. >>> the new safe way on m street across the waterfront is from the metro station. >>> one classic video game is paying off big times for a texas man. he told it online for 31,$600. only 12 copies of the game made for attari are -- atari are known to exist. he says he bought it back in 1984 for ten bucks when he was shopping with his mom. justin says he and his friend hated the game so he never played it which is why he probably had it in perfect condition and in the original box. >> did you have an atari. >> i think my older sister did, much, much older. it is a walk down memory lane. >> i was a twinkle in my mother's eye. >>> this weekend could be your gorgeous spring weather. >>> after the storm passes, of course. clear skies and sunshine for part of the time. will the weather hold? >>> wedding season is here. for brides to be the hunt is on. brenda butner has a look at the
in a red toyota camry. one had blood on his jacket. >> reporter: a little while ago we spoke to the older brother of the shopkeeper. he told us when the men walked into the store, he was immediately suspicious and picked up the phone and called his wife. >> i said they shot my brother. and she told me that she was on the phone with him. she was on the phone with him. and he told her to stay on the phone. and the last thing i know, my brother told her he was shot. >> reporter: montgomery county police don't believe the man was shot. they say he suffered a severe laceration by the men. one was armed with a bb gun. the brother says his brother has been a shopkeeper here for about 30 years. he has been robbed before and he wasn't going to take it if anybody came in. he was surprised that his brother fought back considering the health problems he had. we were told by the police that he was visibly upset and angry that these two men came in the store. he was standing on the sidewalk out here when they arrived upset. >> thank goodness he will be okay. >>> a gun bust at a house in the 11,000 bloc
and why the fbi is getting involved. plus, new troubles for toyota. the first time in nine years the "consumer reports" has issued a don't buy it warning for an s.u.v. it has nothing to do with the recalls.  >>> a pressure cooker of sorts for the american idol finalists. >> with nine contestants left the judges are out of saves and two will be voted off this week. >> one of these nine faces will be the next "american idol." >> reporter: double the pressure for idol surviving nine. after big mike got saved by the judges, two contestants will be sent home this week. >> we will do the best we can individually every week. whoever america votes for or doesn't vote for will decide. it's all good. >> everybody will go great and get on the songs, prepare hard and be ready. >> reporter: right now crystal is considered a front runner by the judges. she knows there is a lot of road ahead of her. >> nothing is sure in this kind of show. anything can happen. there are a lot of really talented people here. there is no front-runner in this kind of thing. from week to week
. >> reporter: colliding with a toyota camry head on the camry flew into the air so high it knocked down the traffic signal. then flipped over several times before landing on the ground. then the van caught fire. >> i mean this guy was booking and i mean he hit his car so hard to throw the van up in the air like that, i know he was passing me at every bit of 100, speeding down the street. >> reporter: the woman driving the car was trapped. medics trieded to save her but 37-year-old mary ellen winbush went into cardiac arrest. they tried to remove her but died. a 2-year-old was flown from the car and witnesses pulled three other children out, all had head injuries. >> everybody went running to see what was wrong, cart was full of children. all of the children were terribly injured. >> reporter: the van's driver and a passenger were pulled from the wreck. jones was charged with involuntary manslaughter. turns out court records show he also has at least four outstanding traffic charges including describe fox 5 ayou suspended license and drive ing or attempting to drive under the influence
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8